About Us

We designed our firm to be truly in the best interest of our clients.

We uphold a fiduciary standard in our work with clients. This means that what we do and recommend for our clients must be in their best interest. It may surprise you to know that many financial professionals try to avoid being legally held to this standard of service.

We are strictly Fee-Only and our only source of compensation comes directly from our clients. This means that we do not receive commissions, or any other forms of additional compensation, that may impact our objectivity or recommendations to our clients.

To meet certain client objectives it may be necessary to work with other professionals such as accountants, attorneys, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, etc. However, neither the advisor nor Holcombe & McGrath receives referral compensation, or any other benefit, from any outside group or professional to whom a client may be referred, or that may be involved in helping you reach your goals.

You can feel confident our recommendations, including the involvement of other professionals, are not impacted by compensation we could possibly receive – and which is commonplace for advisors to receive.

Our advisors must achieve and maintain a Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ certification. We selected this certification because it provides a broad educational foundation and extensive knowledge in investment management; retirement, educational and general financial planning; liability and insurance analysis; estate planning; taxes; etc. It also requires the holder to maintain robust and comprehensive ethical standards, and complete significant continuing educational requirements.

We are truly independent. Our firm is not beholden to the dictates and interests of an affiliated firm or parent company. This organizational structure helps keep our opinions objective and aligned with the best interests or our clients. We then have the freedom to recommend only what we believe are the best investments, professionals and partners to our clients -- and the unconstrained flexibility to change those recommendations when better options become available.