Bob Baschnagel, Financial Advisor, CFP®

Throughout his career, Bob was frequently placed in charge of the firm’s finances. He observed that an organization’s perspective and knowledge regarding financial matters often determined whether its finances had a positive or negative impact on its success. Improving this level of knowledge and that relationship with finances is a cornerstone of his work with families, business owners and organizations.

Bob graduated from State University of New York at Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a goal to develop more environmentally conscious products and manufacturing facilities. He first worked for the Newman Oil Company (NOCO), becoming interested in the firm after learning about their waste-oil recycling activities. Later, he became a project leader for Waste Management Inc. There he helped companies such as Kodak, DuPont and Xerox remain in compliance with environmental regulations.

Bob changed his path in 1994 by becoming a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania. After completing his 2-year service, he was hired by Peace Corps as a volunteer trainer and site administrator. There he met and married his wife Julie, a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer. Together they also worked as Conservation Administrators for the Friedkin Conservation Fund, leading community development projects and anti-poaching patrols in and around some of Tanzania’s most remote game reserves.

Upon returning to the U.S., Bob worked as an administrator and campaign organizer for a regional coalition of forest conservation groups. His duties included managing its over million dollar budget.

After completing the Certified Financial Planner™ coursework, Bob joined a large national financial services company. It was during this time that he met Harold Holcombe. They immediately bonded over a shared philosophy of low-cost, high-impact and client-focused financial services. He was asked to join Holcombe & McGrath as a financial advisor in 2007. Bob, his wife, and two children live in East Asheville.

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Bob Baschnagel
Bob Baschnagel Bob Baschnagel Bob Baschnagel Bob Baschnagel