Benefits of Working with Holcombe & McGrath

A relationship that’s responsive, attentive, and personal

To offer advice closely aligned with your goals, we must first build a strong understanding of your situation. Over time, we build a personal relationship with our clients that supports our understanding of what is important to them and directly impacts our work together. Also, as fiduciaries, we are required to act in the best interests of our clients at all times.

Customized guidance based on your financial situation and goals

While services vary, we often serve as financial coordinators, focused on our client’s overall financial picture. We are not obligated to use any outside firm, professional, or particular family of funds or investment products. Whether you need help with insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, or managing assets, as an independent advisor, we have the freedom to work with and choose from a wide range of professionals, firms and investment options to tailor our advice to your specific needs.

Advanced personal financial planning software and tools for clients

We employ sophisticated, yet easy to use, personal financial planning software that clients can use, both independently or with our Representatives, to explore different planning solutions and their potential outcomes. The software is very interactive and educational. It greatly supports our clients’ understanding and appreciation for our work together and clearly tracks their concrete progress toward achieving their personal financial goals.

A fee structure that is simple, transparent and avoids conflicts of interest

We charge a fee based on a percentage of assets we manage. This fee structure is simple, transparent, and easy to understand. It also gives us an incentive to help grow your assets. When you succeed, we succeed. We also offer an hourly fee-based option.

Specialized knowledge and experience to support your financial needs

We help clients address a variety of complex needs that arise from accumulated wealth. Some Representatives specialize in particular financial topics or strategies, and all are able to assist clients with comprehensive services, such as retirement planning or estate planning.

Your assets are held by an independent custodian, not our firm

Client funds are held by an independent custodian, such as Charles Schwab, that provides comprehensive administrative services and safeguards client assets. This arrangement provides independent verification of all activity in a client’s account and the account’s value.